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About Deviant Karel VaněkCzech Republic Groups :iconthe-axiom-art: The-Axiom-ART
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Karel Vaněk
Czech Republic
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Current Residence: Axiom
Favourite genre of music: everything and nothing
Operating System: I am a human. XD
Shell of choice: Alfa (not a beta Softwariatrist, it is much more difficult to treat beta, but sometimes necesairy)
Personal Quote: interesting...
After all bad, a good came. I talked with mom and she made me a bit calm about everything.

I had a bad day/days. Yesterday morning I threw up several times, dunno why, but I felt like some drug addict, throwing up in the middle of crowd, on streets. But I had to, I had to catch a train.
I felt like being turned inside out and it didn't stop till my stomage was all empty.

when I got home, everything was ok for a while. But then I helped mom with celebration preparations and I cut my finger. She wanted me to open a bottle of milk and I tried, but it was too hard. So I took a knife and wanted to cut the opening around. She reached and wanted to do it herself. I hurried and the knife slipped, piercing in my index finger joint with full power. I freaked out and demanded some string to strangle it, it was bleading a lot.
It bleeded for 15 mins and I had to go in hospital. They sticked a cloth inside it, which was very painful. Doctor asked me, if I am still ok, because I limped and turned head away instead of screaming.

then I got home and everything was ok once again, only I hit my ankle and my lightbulb broke.

Next day I went for a bandage change and when I got back, I found my grandma on a table, fixing a lamp. I scolded her and did it myself. I left, because that was all. No. She climbed on a chair to do whatever and she fell down on her back. Hospital again. I spent all afternoon there, wishing to help her, because she was in a lot of pain. Then we got home and she wanted to help mom with celebration and she reached for glasses, but she was in pain and she broke two of them. Dog and my little niece was around, so we had to work quickly on cleaning the shreads up. I got my knee cut, but that was just a minor lasoration. Like with a needle.

There was my day. My finger hurts and I can't move it properly, but I am trying to, so it won't get stiffed. It stopped opening up and bleeding, but still is swollen and hurts.

Edit: Thank all of those who helped me. Especialy Aaron, who supported me all the time he could. I love him very much.
also please excuse my typos.


1- Be one of the 15 first people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Promotional List
2- For each of the 15 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.
3- If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 16 people.

1.- :iconzani-loki: n.n I love her and her work…… (phew that was hard... I would like to put 50 of your works)
2.- :icont-voplz: It was fun to browse through her work again… (made me laugh)… (lol that made me laugh too, even I don't like .... I forgot how do you name those things...)… (this is very nice pic, and it is drawn, not used the... thingies...)
3.- :iconkillveous: ahhhh so hard hard to choose just three. YES, THREE not four, you see one twice… (Poor Jish-N abused? Wheeeee, there is nothing better. I enjoyed and saved that comic)… (sexin time, oh yeaaaa *dances*)… (can't neglect you cute cutie stuff)… (it is recent one, so doesn't count. IT MADE ME LAUGH SO HAR! I HAD TO!)
4.- :iconsamybenenny: Always good to know new artists n.n (… Awesome awesome picture of a rainbow)… (colored pic of a flower)… (funny comp note). I am sorry sam, I didn't have time before
5.- :iconsimlacsim: I chose your photos, because they realy are epic!… (can't wait to see that for real)… (still wondering)… (great chosen view)
6.- :iconz-roplz: I LOVE HIM SO MUCH… (this pic is so awesome, it makes me happy every time I see or show it to somebody)… (not sure how to call this. A painting! nice one)… (well done bodies and the blanket)I love you, Squishy. So much.
7.- :iconnyo-yume: French friend n0n… (poke a mon)… (I LOVE birds and I LOVE bones) (awesome cute dragon boy) I love your work, Ellie. It is so French, fresh, colorful...
8.- :iconaaggresss: Max. A friend from saup.… (funny! Who didn't ever experianced this yet?)… (this made me laugh out laud)… (poor Ludwig xD) I love your comix Max!
9.- :iconteach-r:… (oh this is co cute!)… (xD exactly what that looks like) (pencil drawing being cute!) Why do you use so many bases, woman? Your drawings are so cute!
10.- :iconchisah: My good friend from School and other places >P (… (ahhh Garrus), (I know that you didn't color this, but it is so pwetty *q*),… (this one is so life, and I love Sheppy's hair),… (:heart: just :heart:)
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